Kickboxing Class

Want to burn an average of 450 calories in an hour?   How about a great way to get in shape – learn valuable self-defense skills and meet new friends?   Give Kickboxing a try!  
Robson Moura’s Kickboxing program is an excellent form of exercise while also learning useful techniques from instructor Rodrigo Praxedes. Rodrigo focuses on everyone’s goals in his class and gives the correct workouts and drills to help achieve them. Rodrigo makes sure everyone is reaching their potential and pushing them to their limits.
No experience necessary, just a desire to learn, sweat and challenge yourself.  And – be ready to sweat!
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Kickboxing is more than a pure cardio event — it lets you release pent-up tension or aggression, improves your balance and strengthens your core. Thanks to the different muscle groups activated by your jabs and kicks, you’re also toning body parts that don’t usually get a workout when you run, walk or cycle.

Burning Calories

Everyone burns calories at a different rate, so the number of calories you burn in a kickboxing class probably won’t be exactly the same as other people in your class. Your sex, age and body composition all influence the rate at which you burn calories. In addition, people with larger bodies and more muscle tend to burn calories faster. For example, if your kickboxing instructor weighs the same that you do but her frame carries far more muscle than fat, she’ll burn calories faster than you will. As a result, any estimate of calories burned per session will remain just that — an estimate — since it doesn’t take into account your weight or body composition.