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Results for Team Robson Moura

Lennon Inoa - Purple/Master1/Feather: Gold

Roy Shaw - Purple/Master1/Medium Heavy: Silver Purple/Master1/Absolute: Gold

Jhonthan De Jesus - Blue/Master1/Ultra Heavy: Gold

Jorge Rivera - Purple/Master2/Medium Heavy: Bronze

Rachel Nelson - Blue/Adult/Feather: Bronze

Lauren Brown - Blue/Master1/Light: Bronze Blue/Master1/Absolute: Bronze



Team Robson Moura Results

Robert Stines - Purple Light: Silver  Purple Absolute: Gold

• 5 classes for $29
• 10 classes for $45
• 1 month unlimited class for $79

2nd Annual RMNU Training Camp October 24-27 – please click link below for more information.

Get Ready here we go again!

(Click Here for More Info)


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